Objectives & Functions

At our ministry every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Personal Income

Administer the Personal Income Tax Decree, 1993 and any tax or levy which shall be under the care of the Board.


Identify the source of the revenue available in the state.

Source of Revenue

Appropriately assess all sources of revenue and taxes in the state.

Law Enforcement

Enforce all laws relating to taxation and revenue collection.

Collection of Tax

Monitor and coordinate the collection of taxes and revenue in the state by all agencies of the government such as Ministries, Parastatals and Public Companies.

Tax Penalties

Ensure the effectiveness and optimum collection of all taxes and penalties due to government under the relevant laws.

Internal Revenue Service

Generally exercise control over the management of the state Internal Revenue Service on matters of policy.

Revenue Assessment and Collection

Do all such things as it may consider necessary for the assessment, collection, and accounting for all taxes and revenue.

Boost Revenue

Formulate from time to time proposal for the expansion and increase of the internal sources of the revenue of the state.


Enlighten the public on the subject of taxation.

Effective Revenue Collection

Design effective revenue collection machinery and implement it.

Accounts and Records

Keep proper accounts and records in relation to all taxes or revenue collections made by the Board.


Do all such things as may be considered necessary or expedient for the assessment and collection of taxes and revenue.


Make recommendation, where appropriate, to the joint tax Board on tax policy, tax reform, tax legislation, tax treaties and exemptions as may be required from time to time

Account Records

Keep proper accounts and records in relation to all tax or revenue collections made to the Board.

Tax Board Recommendations

Make recommendations, where necessary to Joint Tax Board on tax policy, reforms, legislation, treaties, exemption as may be required.